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multiply® info solutions (MIS) is a fast growing Custom Software Development and Solutions, Mobile Application Development, Web Application Development, Website Designing Company based in Jodhpur,Rajasthan.A company that is specialized in developing innovative software solutions for organizations both small and large.

We provide the best-in-class Software Solutions at competitive rates that meet customer's needs and contribute in oiling their wheels of economic growth.We work to derive maximum performance of your IT Infrastructure, and provide you to get lasting return on investment with a quick turnaround time. Depending on your needs, MIS provides offshore and onsite software development support . MIS can take your business one step further by ensuring you to receive the highest level of service.

    We Understand your Enterprise Business
    collaborate its trade complexities,processes,priorities and operating philosophy
    find best solutions that meets or exceeds our clients business objectives and needs.

    Complete Business applications
    Components of Business applications
    Application Integration
    Web Based Application
Our solutions are reliable and user-friendly. Our team follows standard software development processes and as a result we are able to stick to timelines and schedules of clients. And as the years went by, we maintained our strong, flexible synergy. That has helped us to achieve a track record of consistent growth and expand the Group's solutions portfolio. Today, we've developed long term business association with many of our clients.

We are here to turn your Idea and Vision to Life.If you have a concept for an application and you don’t know actrually how to move from concept to reality.We help you to have the architectural plans or the skills to build it. Your idea alone may never come to turn into a real fruit.If you partner with MIS, we’ll take it step by step. We start by clearly defining what you want to achieve.Then we detail the requirements according to your organisation needs.Develop and Launch your application.Partner with you for a long term, continuing to enhance it as it grows and changes and hosting and supporting it.We create dashboards that enable you to check the pulse of your business.Enabling you to have a window into what’s working and what’s not, you can continually improve your internal processes and how you go to market. you can extract critical insights from data, fine tune your business machine, and continue to tweak your processes for optimal performance.

After Getting request for development, we thoroughly examine it to prepare for the client time/money estimates. MIS assigns to the new project the team best suiting the specifics of the current project. The team lead becomes the main contact person for the client. The team works on the project being in constant contact with the client and thoroughly following the QA standards. And nothing is deployed until it has undergone our rigorous quality assurance procedures.The process continues after initial deployment, as we continue to nurture and host your application as it shifts paths to meet your business’ changing needs.

Our partners range from startup software companies, small IT software companies, medium to large enterprise software IT companies, Entrepreneurs on their own or funded, financial houses, retail houses, IT contractors, IT consulting companies, Individual programmers and developers, group of developers, Project Manager, IT consultants, IT Inventors, Non IT companies with IT or software needs, Public and Private sectors companies, Supporting Government on their IT initiatives etc. .

The Product List includes Commercial Software, Web Application Development, Web Portal Development, E-commerce solutions, ERP , software development and maintenance, , Banking software, desktop application, enterprise software development, Industrial software development, Online Financial Application System Development, Insurance software system development, Enterprise management system, Business Intelligence software and solutions,Business Management System.

We build lasting relationships with our clients, employees, and partners through open, transparent and honest communications. We earn trust and respect through integrity in all our actions.During the engagement, you will have transparency to your project by frequent communication with Our Team .You will see your project turn to fruit in steps during the development, not after.

We guarantee a high degree of confidentiality and security in every project. All client information remains strictly confidential. MISwill never sell or disclose any client information under any unauthorized circumstances.

We take personal responsibility for finding a sense of purpose and meaning in our work. Any task we take on should be from the start to the finish. Leaving it halfway or uncompleted or executed poorly reflects negatively on our capabilities.

- Our success lies in making our clients successful. AT MIS we understand our clients' needs and develop software to meet customers' requirements.produce quality services for its customers at a reasonable cost, We strive to bring value to their business as a trusted advisor.

Quality is one of the most crucial factors in determining the success or failure of a business. Faulty software can seriously affect the business in terms of Cost and Efficiency.There is considerable expenditure of time and money involved in fixing errors which will lead to downtime, frustration - and lost revenue. On the other hand good software can prove to be an asset for the organization and can increase the overall efficiency and productivity of the activity for which it is used.We take proper measures before giving the final product to our customers to maintain the Quality Of product.

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